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It’s midnight again

the pumpkin coach arrives

driver impatient, steeds snorting in the mist


And she’s dreaming again

of a house by a lake

of a chocolate father and gingerbread mother

just the three of them

on a glass-bottomed boat out in the lake

on a Sunday afternoon,

of a childhood that she dreams

she could call her own

somewhere, somehow


It’s midnight again

the coachman is impatient

her real childhood awaits

the ugly sisters are cold and waiting

she needs to stoke the grate, light the coals


She climbs aboard, the horses move forward

her dream now forgotten

she resigns herself to reality

smiles to herself, checks her left foot

yes it is bare and she knows that soon

the prince will come to rescue her again


This happens every week

bank holidays excluded

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© Johnmichael Simon



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