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After the Loss

In the darkness
I read your song
so feminine after all
traced with fine lines
of compassion
mingled with jealousy
with controlling
with self control
with lips bitten
till they bleed
white blood
not to mouth the words


Once when we were young
we heaved, you and I
gave birth to cities
riding across the map
a blood network
stretching translucent
across taut alabaster skin
blue porcelain
veins carrying sustenance
to that faint
underground pulse


So complex
so difficult to understand
blood mother, blood sister
blood lover
yet so familiar
your song
now it beats
listen, in the dark
listen it says, I’m here
behind it all
a bleeding woman’s heart


Too late
too late
too late


Continents sink
beneath the waves

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© Johnmichael Simon



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