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A Word From the Editor

After reading through so many tearful wrenchings

with gaping and gasping and clammy palm clenchings

I now declare by proxy and by pen

herewith never to allow that word again


Not only that, I’ve also decided

to ban any utterance that sounds just like it

or references to anything that might imply

that any of us could possible “ostrichfy”


Yes this year a lesson I’ve learned

and as far as the following ones are concerned

when you consider which poems to be submitting

no verses on ostrich I’ll be admitting


You may find this decree hard to understand

and claim I’m putting my head in the sand

perhaps in another year or three

when you’ll probably vote to get rid of me


My successor may revoke this rule you deem shoddy

but until then…over my ostrich body

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© Johnmichael Simon



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