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A Song of Joy

Into revolving nights

fused by lightning

            you intrude

reflection in a well

kindling my cells

behind the curtains

            of my eyes


All this and Hallelujah

a thousand voices

throng an amphitheater

            dressed in white

stars whirl across

a desert drama

pricking the heavens

            into goose bumps of light


Back we float

to buried acts of bliss

            a swing under the trees    higher, higher,

            a tumble    arms between knees

            down a grassy slope,

            diving off the high board

            into a plunge of bubbles


Is it a memory or a dream

            this floating…

            weightless in a sea of light

            these messages…

            forgotten language   recognized as true?


To feel again

this moment of exquisite joy

            this breathlessness

            that you are everything that’s meant to be

            and everything is you

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© Johnmichael Simon



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