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A Possible Explanation

The mission to Malkonian’s moon reported

there isn’t a blink of liquid on the surface

except for one quite hidden sequin eye

which once in every ten to fifteen orbits

blinks out a hint to chink the velvet sky


On close enlargements and observation

inside a gaping crater where some earth is

clustered into ridges towering high

which to our scientists’ consternation

seemed like the symbol used for Pi


Professor Dumbledee has since conjectured

a theory which made us all quite nervous

he claims that lines drawn by meteors nearby

bisect the Giza pyramids – thus he lectured

quoting Atlantis where similar legends used to fly


Most theories of history, claimed the professor

are worthless as those laws entitled Murphy’s

he replaced algebra with pumpkin pie

which causes greater to be less than lesser

creation’s wink where truth becomes a lie

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© Johnmichael Simon



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