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A Little Planet Rhyme

Timothy Tadpole as a rule

was always the smartest kid at school

he could do sums with both eyes closed

and finish his homework while he dozed

history for him was a piece of cake

dates that he forgot he could always fake

but suddenly one strange day last September

the names of the planets he couldn’t remember

so to make sure he’d not forget them the next time

he made up this funny little planets rhyme


and this is how it goes:


Mercury is number one

a baby planet close to mother sun

after Mercury comes planet Venus

whose blind green eyes have never seen us

then comes Earth, that’s us you know

where all the toffee apples grow

after Earth, and fourth, comes Mars

whose cooking’s much tastier than Pa’s

Jupiter’s a monstrous ball

he’s the biggest planet of them all

Saturn’s number six, that’s easy,

as her rings make you quite dizzy

I wish someone could explain us

why number seven is called Uranus

the next planet I always forget

oh, yes, Neptune, whose sea gets you wet

last comes Pluto, he’s a doggie, isn’t he?

if you don’t believe, just ask Walt Disney


Well, that’s all, what a pity

there aren’t new planets to add to this ditty

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© Johnmichael Simon



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