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A Good Book

it’s a good book and i’m proud to be in it, assorted williams and elizabeths, parchment, printing presses, rebels rogues and rumpelstilskin, foolscap fugitives, all scriving away, a bubbling brook of babeldom, yefskys and kovskys rubbing shoulders with llamas in pajamas, monarchs, minstrels, humptys and humphreys, here you can sail away with sinbad, steal thunderbolts from zeus, chuckle at seuss, all without leaving your window seat.


i’m on page five thousand seven hundred and something, close to the end depending on which way it opens, a quick read, begin begat begone, pouf, but at least i made my blot, amazing really, all written by a bunch of plagiarists let loose in a cauldron of alphabet soup, babbling away at the same twenty six letters, except the yefskys of course, theirs have been distorted in the cooking, upside down, some back to front, anyway it’s a good book and i’m proud to be in it.

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