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A Different Mesiah

Who would have expected

the messiah to wear a Fedora

live in a house with plumbing, television?


A dwelling replicated from New York

to Chabad village in Israel, its owner

deceased but still inhabiting.  His image


Trumpeted from peeling paper posters

gray beard, mustache and side locks flapping

winking at you from Kleyzmer wailing Fords


At Christmas (which coincides with Hanukah)

the classical station is playing Handel.

My nine year old grandson wants to know


Why is this music called Messiah so different

from Moshiach Moshiach he hears in the street

It’s time to give him some facts


He listens as I explain in simple terms

about Christianity then goes off to play in the park,

that evening he’s back with questions


If Jesus was a Jew, why do they eat pork?

While considering my reply he asks me to help

him assemble his model plane.  I’m relieved


That I imagine I can handle…

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© Johnmichael Simon



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