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A Day in the Life of a Novelist

Incoherent as usual she brushes her teeth
through the news headlines, flosses through
the stock market report, eyes raised
critically she applies lipstick with one hand
while attempting to telegraph me with the other
as I, in a flash of insight, throttle the kettle

In time for her to absorb the weather report
then flashing stockings apologetically at me,
she adjusts her bra, slips on a cashmere sweater
gulps coffee while wriggling into her coat
steps on cat’s tail who yowls, blows me a crooked
kiss and slam she’s off to catch her bus three
minutes later she’s back gasping

Have you seen my glasses?  I hand them to her
and she’s off again, bang slam.  Once I’m sure
she’s on the bus I grab her, throw her down
on the couch, rip off her sweater, bra, skirt
and make wild love to her as she melts into
my arms sighing and moaning.  Then I feed
the cat, wash the dishes and go back to writing


Half empty scratched out pages stare back
at me.  Yawn, all this activity makes me tired
think I’ll go back to bed for an hour or so

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© Johnmichael Simon



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